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These have been a powerful, positive influence on business over the past fifty years — but no one realizes this.  Feminism's influence has been "bro-propriated" by well-meaning leaders who want to improve but not transform the world of work.

I'm out to transform work. Want to join me?


How we think about work, how we do our work, and how we make a business sustainable — financially and socially.

Celia V. Harquail’s groundbreaking new book shows:

  • How feminism and feminist values can help transform business

  • Which feminist ideas have already been “bro-propriated” by business

  • Why a feminist approach means flourishing for all, not just the 1%


Feminist Values + Practice = Better Business 

We need to do more than #ChangeTheRatio of women, and men of color, in our organizations. We need to change the ways we think, treat each other, define success, and work together.

Reconsider how your business can use equality and effectiveness to change the world of work.

Social Media & Social Change In Orgs

New tools create new possibilities, but only when we understand how to use these tools to connect differently, to increase participation and to create meaning, so that everyone can flourish.

Read how feminist values, applied to technology, change how we work together.

Generativity &

"Generosity at Work" was my earlier effort to introduce feminist values and practices into the business conversation. Here's the back story, the deeper research, and the change initiatives described with the feminism submerged.

As you'll see, the changes aren't that scary.

CV Harquail

I'm a feminist, a social change advocate, and a management scholar.

I have a PhD in leadership and organizations and thirty years of experience helping organizations promote social change while working effectively and profitably. I have a deep background in feminist theory and practice, in organizational development, and in group facilitation.

I teach entrepreneurship and "lean startup" business development methods. I help startups envision their futures and develop the organizations to achieve them. I coach entrepreneurs and change agents.

Currently, I'm building a Feminist Business Toolkit, combining Lean Startup and Feminism to create practical, easy to use, lean tools to make change easier.

With Lex Schroeder, I'm co-founder of the 'Think and Do' consultancy, Feminists At Work. With Lex and Petra Kassun-Mutch, I’m a co-founder/producer of the Entrepreneurial Feminist Forums.com. I'm one of a handful of experts/practitioners of feminist business practice.