When I talk about FEMINISM in business, 
I mean Full-Bodied Feminism.

As opposed to the watered down, bro-appropriated, superficial feminisms we’re used to seeing from corporations, celebrity executives and regular entrepreneurs.

You know, the “feminism” (ironic quotes there) a business displays to look good, while still sucking on the inside. The kind that empowers some people without threatening the illegitimate power hierarchies across class, race, ability, sexuality, sex and gender expression.

That’s not what we’re doing here.

Full-bodied Feminism goes beyond what conventional business has cherry-picked as safe for the status quo.
Instead, it embraces the whole corpus of feminism
as it grows authentically in all directions.

Feminism is a flourishing of ideas,

and not all feminists think exactly alike.

However, if you take in the whole body of Feminism,

you know it’s about so much more than

“equality for men and women.”

As I define it,

FEMINISM is a movement to:

– End sexism and all* oppressions
– Establish political, social and economic equality
– Create a world in which all people and all living things flourish

*when I say all oppressions, I mean not only patriarchy, misogyny and sexism, but also racism, settler colonialism, heterosexism, classism, speciesism, capitalism, ageism, imperialism, nativism, ableism, fatism, … literally all oppressions.

Full-Bodied Feminism
is Collective, Inclusive, and Transformational:


Feminism is a group project, not an avenue for individual advancement. It’s work that we do for the whole, for groups we don’t even belong to. Work that only works when we do it together.


As a movement, Feminism aims to end not only gender oppression but also oppressions of race, class, ability and more. Our collective will not flourish until we are all equally free and valued.


In all ways big and small, we organize, contribute, and do things differently. Feminism is not just about analyzing problems, it’s about enacting the future we want to see.

I use the words FEMINISM & FEMINIST because
no other political perspective in the history of time
speaks so thoroughly to my values.

In my 35+ years of scholarship and business experience, I’ve found no more powerful framework for inquiry and social transformation than FEMINISM in its undiluted, non-appropriated form.
No other word so fully encapsulates the insights and values that I believe are needed if we want business to work better, for everyone.
When feminism and business are allowed to work for each other, we get a recipe for real structural change. (The kind “conscious leadership” has yet to deliver.)
We innovate new ways to make and do things sustainably, without violating our values of equality, interdependence and care.

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Just a little more on my own Feminist beliefs:

When I use the term “Women”, I’m speaking about a distinct political category — a category that includes women, femmes, transwomen, gender creative people, females, people assigned female at birth (or not) and everyone who feels themselves to be part of this politicized group. Naming and labeling is a power move– so we should use our power to define who we are and who we include, on our own terms.

The feminism I practice addresses not only sexism, misogyny, and patriarchy, but also racism, settler colonialism, ableism, classism, heterosexism, capitalism, and all oppressive systems that work together to support the dominance of a few people and the submission of most everyone and everything else.


I commit to using my work and my energy to support transformational change. I do this by working in concert with a community of feminist business thinkers and creators, to support feminist entrepreneurs and business people who are creating a future where all living things flourish.

(More coming… in a future post)

I advocate collective, inclusive, transformational Feminism.


A Feminist Business makes right livelihoods for all of us so we can support ourselves and each other. It pushes for liberation, and it builds us a collective foundation for transformation.

My definition of a Feminist Business is one that:

Enacts Feminist values.

Establishes success and value on its own terms.

Pays life sustaining wages.

Helps suppliers and partners grow.

Pays investors fair returns.

Offers meaningful products with accessible pricing options.

Is unwilling to sacrifice social justice values or financial returns.

Pushes for liberation.

Lays the groundwork for transformation.

I advocate collective, inclusive, transformational Feminism.

This perspective on feminisms draws from the wisdom of all streams of feminism that:
I define feminism as a movement for all people to:
  • Envision the equal humanity and flourishing of all people and living things

  • Understand feminism as a group project (not for individual advancement)

  • Aim to transform the matrix of oppressions to create a new world, by putting feminist values into practice.

  • End sexism and all* oppressions

  • Establish political, social and economic equality

  • Create a world in which all people and all living things flourish

*racism, settler colonialism heterosexism, classism, speciesism, capitalism, ageism, imperialism, nativism, ableism, fatism, and all oppressions