Feminist business history is more than just a look at the past.
It’s insight for the present.
It’s a playbook for action.

We had a blast last spring in the first Feminist Business Histories class. The stories of feminist businesses of the past were fascinating.

Provocative. Enraging. Instructive.

Folks felt informed. Transformed. Inspired.

Every person who took the class said they’d recommend it in a heartbeat to any other feminist entrepreneur. They said:

Class was SUPER INTERESTING and inspiring. And thought provoking. 10/10 would highly recommend!
I find myself thinking about this class all the time. ! I love this topic and want more. I found myself thinking about this history as I restarted [my business] … My experience has proven: if you don’t know your history you’re bound to repeat it! 
What did I learn from this class? – How hungry we are for this discussion. – That it’s bullshit that it’s been omitted from narrative. -How fucking powerful feminist biz can be as a threat to power/capitalism. 

And yet– there was so much to cover we had to go really fast.

There was so much to read folks couldn’t decide were they wanted to focus.

Folks wanted to read, but just couldn’t find the time.

And, folks came to every class ready to learn, and left every class with a full mind and a fuller heart.


Based on participants’ feedback, and with the reminder that this class really needs to be a launching pad for our collective learning, I’ve redesigned the course into a more compact, three-session arc. 

Details can be found here: https://www.cvharquail.com/feminist-business-history-fall-23-course-details/


Tl;dr:   I’ll do most of the “work” so you don’t have do. Reading will be encouraged, and also optional. Still, you’ll be able to participate as a co-learner and also shape our focus with your interests.

Scan the details of the class, and consider whether this plan excites you.

If you feel intrigued (and I hope you will feel tempted), come and sign up for the class!  https://bit.ly/Fem_Biz_History_F23_Tickets

If you want more details before you decide, join me for a short Info Session on August 29th, at either 4 pm ET or 8 pm ET, to ask any questions you have about what’s planned so that you can know if this course is right for you.

Just drop in at this Zoom Link:    bit.ly/ZOOM_FemBizHist_INFO_session

Email me at cv@feministsatwork.com with any questions.