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About CV Harquail

CV (Celia) Harquail, PhD, is a change agent, consultant, speaker, and management professor who advocates that we craft our work, run our organizations, and partner with our stakeholders in ways that lead us and our businesses to be positive forces in the world. 

Working at the intersection of organizational change, leadership, and digital technology,  CV helps leaders think differently about the relationships between technology, organizations, individuals and systems. She offers practical tools, useful frameworks, and novel resources for initiating and sustaining real change. 

CV is currently studying tech companies and digital product development in the New York City start-up community, and new business models more broadly, to identify specific ways that organizations create opportunities for others as they build their own businesses. Her research documents how we can create a more innovative, creative and sustainable business and economy by adopting generous, generative business practices. Her writing and consulting outline how and why change agents and organizations can revolutionize how they think and how they work so that they can boost their partners, network, and community while they build their own businesses.

An award-winner researcher and teacher, CV holds a PhD in Leadership & Organizational Behavior from the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. She teaches entrepreneurship & lean startup methods at Stevens Institute of Technology.

CV consults with startups and small businesses who want to use lean startup tools to help them refine and accelerate their business development. She also consults with startups, small businesses, and organizational groups to help them use digital tools and time-tested leadership strategies to support positive organizational change.  If you're interested in working with CV, please use the contact form below to connect with her.  

CV publishes research for both academics and practitioners, addressing social media and social change in organizations, organizational identity and reputation, employee branding, and positive organizational studies.  (Please see this page for some of her publications.)  She’s active on Twitter, with 6000+ followers, and is listed as one of the Top Management Professors To Follow On Twitter.

When she’s not working to change the world by changing how we do business, CV writes AuPairMom.com, the world’s most popular blog about hosting and being an au pair.  CV and her family live in Montclair, NJ.