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About Me, CV Harquail

I want to live in a world where: 

  • strong, thriving organizations make ingenious products and deliver life changing services

  • business relationships are trustworthy, mutually-affirming, productive and inspiring,

  • where people are engaged in joyful and meaningful work

  • employees, customers, managers, and investors all share fairly in the value the business generates

  • where everyone flourishes because of what the company do3es and the way the company does it.

    In this world, businesses contribute to the greater good of human flourishing — not as an afterthought, or because the business is sanctimonious or naive — but because contributing by the way that you create is a great way to run a business and contribute to social justice. 

I want to leave behind the people and companies that mindlessly follow the status quo, assuming that to be an effective organization you have to be competitive, and that to be competitive you have to grab as much value as you can while dominating other businesses.  I’m tired of companies competing to be "the best" or "the only" one, rather than collaborating to create the best for everyone. I’m tired of people dismissing social impact — much less human and planetary flourishing — by treating a business’s impact on the world around it as an afterthought, or maybe like a box to check off for a tax credit. I’m tired of all of us missing the broad range of opportunities that exist for us to create and add and share value, because we don't ask and answer harder questions about the values and visions we’re really pursuing when businesses go with the status quo.

We are missing the chance to create more value for our companies, our economies, our communities and each other, because we aren't asking enough of our businesses. We are only asking them to improve at the margins and not to transform at their core. And yet — we can ask businesses to re-evaluate their values, to reconsider their reasons for being. We can businesses to help lead us towards of future of work and life where people and businesses flourish because of they are working to create a more just world.

With my book, with the tools I’m creating, with my speaking, teaching, and consulting, I’m working to support a new conversation about business as inspirited by and reimagined through feminism.

And the best part about how Feminism is Revolutionizing Business?

Bringing feminist values and practices into your workplace and into the ways you do business will help you create great products, connect with customers, organize yourselves, steward your resources, and focus your efforts in ways that build your business’s financial strength AND move us towards social justice at the same time. It’s possible, using feminism in business, to feel creative, purposeful, authentically you, "all in", and as though everything/anything you do at work is making more of a difference than you could ever have imagined.

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