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Research and Writing

Writing for Change Agents

Recent Guest Posts:

The Benefits of Giving Away What Your Company Knows, Harvard Business Review Online, 10/14/2014

In Too Many Organizations, We Take Generosity for Granted, Great Work Cultures Blog, Huffington Post, 02/22/2016 

Give to Grow: How Great Work Cultures Use Generative Business Practices, Great Work Cultures Blog, Huffington Post,  12/18/2014

Separate Still Isn’t Equal: Sexism Among TED Conferences, Huffington Post,  07/28/2010

Most of my current thinking is available as blog posts on AuthenticOrganizations.com.  There are collections of posts organized under these topics:   

  • Social Media and Social Change in Organizations
  • Positive Technology
  • Diversity, Inclusion, Race, Gender in the Workplace


Academic Writing

The Defining Role of Organizational Identity in Facilitating Stakeholder Flourishing with Shelley L. Brickson, in Kim S. Cameron and Gretchen M. Spreitzer (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Positive Organizational Scholarship, 2013, pp. 677-690. 

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