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In the first part of our conversation about  Feminism: A Key Idea for Business and Society we explore how the ideas in the book craft a vision of work where businesses are profitable, products and work are meaningful, financial returns are consistent and fair, and individuals, communities, and the planet all flourish. We also talk about practical tools, useful frameworks, and novel resources for initiating and sustaining real change.

During our conversation, Theresa and I referenced the following resources:

  • The definition of feminism as defined by bell hooks in Feminism is for Everybody, and how and why an expanded definition is necessary now

  • The differences between equity, equality and parity

  • The five feminist values I offer for work and business

  • Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza‘s definition of kyriarchy

  • Neoliberalism’s role in shaping the world of business today

  • The six most common ways organizations respond to gender inequality in the workplace

Be sure to check for Part 2 of our conversation where we talk about feminist organizational structures, practices, and systems, and how businesses can implement them and be transformed by them.


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