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Why another Newsletter?

Is there really That Much to say about feminism? And business?

With this particular newsletter, I'll be sharing my own individual research, analysis, and feminist business theorizing -- all of which will be part of my book on The Feminist Startup.   While the Feminists At Work newsletter shares news about the joint work I do together with Lex Schroeder as part of our business at Feminists At Work, this newsletter will share my own singular point of view.  

Don't worry about getting the same news twice if you get both newsletters -- there's a lot to share.  And, I have a lot to say.

Every month or so, I'll write you from my own point of view to bring you some insights about how feminism is transforming business and work.  This might be an example of a feminist business or organization, a reflection on feminist ideas, the latest version of a feminist business tool, or an essay connecting feminist business with other progressive business movements.  Or something I haven't even anticipated.    

I'll occasionally include resources and articles to read to tempt your curiosity about what the future of work could be.  I'll might even share stories or articles to might expand how you're thinking about organizations, business, and change.

With my newsletter, you'll get to:

  • See examples of the new breed of companies using feminist practices to earn a profit and change the world

  • Learn about key Feminist Business Practices, principles, and approaches

  • Find people like you who are bringing feminist values and goals into their workplaces and into their business-to-business relationships

  • Be the first to engage with new theorizing about how feminism is transforming (and has already transformed!) business and the world of work.

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