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Feminism and Diversity - Not Just In Tech

Start with my big picture position: 

"Why We Should Be Using FEMINISM at Work".

Then, check out this representative (though not exhaustive) list of posts, hosted/ archived at my older blog AuthenticOrganizations.com. These all address business from an intersectional feminist perspective.  

(Each of the teal titles is a hotlink that will take you directly to the relevant page.)

Most Popular posts

 ** The (Feminist) Business Bloggers’ Lament

** A Quiet Thank You to our Transgender Colleagues

Recognizing Women On The Far Side of Complexity (re: women are more than white)

Why Do Meritocracies Hurt Women?

Black Men & the Glass Elevator: Research to Remember

 ** The Horrible Work-Life Truth I Learned at the Harvard Business School Reunion

 Technology-Related Issues

Hacking the Code of Misogynist Media: #HackItBack
Why Women DON’T Rule the Internet
The Simple Hack Every Tech Firm Should Be Using To Increase Diversity

“Add Women and Stir” Won’t Keep Women In Tech

What Women Want from Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg
Take Our Daughters to Tech Events
Want More Women on Tech & TED Panels? Reject Meritocracy and Embrace Curation
If Women Had Designed Facebook
Facebook for Women vs. Facebook Designed by Feminists: Different vs. Revolutionary
What You Can Do about the Gender Gap on Wikipedia: The WWHACKathon
A Surprising Reason Why Website Logins Matter (re: more than male/female as login choices)
Does Your Social Media Policy Create a Platform for Racism?
When Will “Social Business” Become Social Change Business?

 When Organizations Demonstrate Sexism

Why Do Meritocracies Hurt Women?
Built to Deceive: When organizations intend to mislead us (re: fake crisis pregnancy centers)
** Sexism in FairyLand: Disney’s Pixie Hollow Won’t Let Girls Wear Pants
IS TEDWomen Sexist? Use the “Group Replacement Test” and tell us what you think
Is The Daily Show Sexist? Use the 6 Degrees of Sexism Test to judge for yourself
What Keeps Women From Moving Up the Ladder? Not “experience”, but corporate laziness

 When Organizations Demonstrate Feminism

Are All Generative Businesses a Little Naughty? The case of MakeLoveNotPorn

Wages and Womenhood

Hey “Working” Mom– getting laid off is a “relief”. Really.
3 Important Things about ‘Mothers Who Work’
Flexible Downsizing and Sexism: Should we be worried?
CEO Daddies Won’t Close the Gender Wage Gap
Why should I wait until 2057 for a ‘man-sized’ paycheck? Would you?


 ** The Horrible Work-Life Truth I Learned at the Harvard Business School Reunion
 Four Work-Life Challenges That Can Be Especially Difficult For Women of Color
Work-Life Solutions and Important Differences: Let’s get inclusive
 Evidence of a Mommy Track Bump: Returnees are seen as more motivated
Is the Mommy Track Bump Real?

Specific Organizations that need a Feminist Business Education

(some of these are rather old, but the core arguments remain sound -- and, alas, relevant)

Target Misses the Mark on Diversity: Corporate Donation equals Corporate Homophobia
Target: Why Organizations Should Boycott Target but Individuals Shouldn’t Bother

 Only A Cosmetic Apology? MAC’s Juarez Controversy & Fauxial Awareness
MAC’s Apology for Juarez Makeup Line: Effective and Authentic

Could BP have avoided the Gulf Oil Spill if it had more Women Executives?

Heaping Scorn & Criticism on Feminist Advocates at Newsweek
Will Newsweek Respond to Claims of Sexism?

The Case Against A Marriott Boycott (part 2): Marriott is not Anti-Gay

Want Authenticity? Design Homophobia Out of the Organization

Stuff that just bothered me

Fix the Brand of Men’s Figure Skating: Send Out the Clowns, and get me Johnny Weir (re: masculinity)
Pattern Recognition: How to spot female digital entrepreneurs
Personal Branding: It’s Different for Girls
Is your organization flourishing or withering?
Defend Your Personal Brand. Barbara Boxer shows how.
Reason #238 that we should have another woman on the Supreme Court
Authentic or Not?: A Men’s Organization with a woman member
Black Men & the Glass Elevator: Research to Remember


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