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Work with me to develop your Feminist Business Model.

Sign up for Small, Online Co-Working Group for Your FBMC

Workshop your FBMC in a small group “class” that will include three 60 min video sessions, with online conversations and individual work to develop your business ideas further.

Over a 4-6 week span, I’ll send you work to complete before each session and then lead group conversations around a specific feminist business model challenge. In between sessions, I’ll send readings and recaps. All sessions will be be recorded and made available to all participants.

While the focus of this class is to fill out the FBMC (including the second pass with Feminist Business Values and a conversation about fit between sections), the group will develop its own unique agenda and agree on shared goals.

We’ll make sure not only that you feel confident about your own big picture, but also that you learn through the counsel of others and by helping others with their businesses.

The ultimate goal? A fully-fleshed out FBMC that you can act on, and an accountability and peer-support community you can continue to work with indefinitely.

A group will start around Sept 1st and run for 4-6 weeks as decided by participants. $450/ business.  Groups will have a minimum of 3 participants/teams and a maximum of 5. 


Build Your Feminist Business with Individual Consulting:

Work one-one-one with me to complete your FBMC and get a firm grip on the possibilities for your business – customer – product – change options. 

We’ll use your FBMC as the entry framework into the Lean Startup process, setting an agenda, milestones, and time box that works for you. 

We’ll start by finishing up your provisional FBMC, and then–depending on how far you want to go–develop a roadmap and resources budget, move into customer understanding interviews, hypothesis testing, product prototyping, and developing customer channels and relationships. 

Here's a suggested “Lean Startup Meets Feminist Practice” roadmap and milestones.

This kind of work unfolds best when we agree at the start on what, how much, and how long we’ll work together so we use your time and energy well.

We’ll start with two 60-minute videochat sessions, with offline work beforehand and written recaps and offline research/planning after each conversation. $250/ session.

Email me cv@cvharquail.com to get started.