What’s the story behind the She Should Talk At TED Campaign?

Here are all the relevant posts, from where we stepped into the story back in June of 2010. Posts are by mostly by me and Susan Macaulay (of AmazingWomenRocks), as well as Gloria Feldt, Michelle Tripp, and Linda Tarr-Whelan.

Early Criticism of the Proportion of Women Speakers at TED

Susan Macaulay was raising the issue and highlighting the women who were speaking at TED:

TEDWomen is Announced (July 2010)

Michelle Tripp weighed in with her passionate query:

And I piped in with:

All three of these posts have some really great comments, worth reading, especially since June Cohen of TED offered her very different perspective.

Unpacking the Questions of Sexism and Under-Representation of Women

The Post-TEDx636 Roundtable

The She Should Talk At TED Campaign