When I work with you, individually and as an organization, I bring to our working relationship:

  • A positive, affirmative, appreciative approach that frames problems as challenges, and that directs our energy towards flourishing
  • A practice of listening carefully, deeply, and thoughtfully as you describe and explore your leadership and organizational challenges
  • A belief that your individual and organizational uniqueness is a source of differentiation, strength, purpose, and energy
  • A recognition that your challenges may be similar to those of other organizations, but that your values, purpose and actions are unique to you. We will work with your strengths, your goals, and your purpose to create understanding and action steps that are right for your organization
  • An emphasis on the wisdom, understanding, expertise, leadership and collective strengths that already exist within your members and in your organization
  • The intent to help you move from ‘doing just fine’ or ‘doing well’ to flourishing
  • A commitment to helping you connect insight to actions, so that you put into practice the knowledge and systems that will help you achieve your goals

(April 2011)