Be a Beta Tester of the Generosity At Work Newsletter!

What does it mean to be a Beta Tester?

It means that you experiment with Generosity Practice #8.

More to the point, it means that you give the newsletter a go, welcoming it into your mailbox once every two weeks and scanning it for interesting tidbits, ideas, and questions.  Test it out for three or four iterations.

If you enjoy it -- tell me so!  If it tickles a question -- ask it with a quick 'reply'.  If it prompts you to think of another idea, send it to me and I'll include it in the next newsletter.   (That's the dogfooding part.)

And, if and when the newsletter isn't feeling useful to you, unsubscribe. I promise my feelings won't be hurt.  Seriously.  

I only want to send this newsletter to you if it feels like a gift.    

Here are the more formal details:


Every two weeks or so, I'll share an email newsletter that focuses on one main practice of Generosity At Work, or one person or company taking the lead on Generosity At Work, or one important influence supporting Generosity At Work. 

For example, in one newsletter I might highlight the practice of Working Out Loud in Public, pointing you to the work of John Stepper and to the example of AirBnB. Another newsletter might introduce the concept of "Generous Design", and pull together ideas from positive design, positive computing, design thinking, and  to propose how products and services can promote generosity.  

I'll also share one or two stories or articles that might expand how you're thinking about organizations, business, and change.

With the Generosity At Work Newsletter, you'll:

  • See examples of the new breed of companies using generosity as a strategic advantage -- internally and externally
  • Learn about key Generosity At Work principles, practices, and approaches
  • Find people like you who are bringing generosity into their workplaces and into their business-to-business relationships