Social Media & Social Change in Orgs

New tools create new possibilities, but only when we understand how to use these tools to connect differently, to increase participation and to create meaning, so that everyone can flourish.


Generosity & Generative  Practice 

Generosity at Work is the front-facing conversation -- and there's more. The back story, the deeper research, and the revolutionary perspective will change how you lead your business. 


Feminism & Diversity
not just in Tech

There's more to including women, and men of color, than numbers and a pipeline. These posts will have you rethinking the business approach to equality and equity.



I help organizations flourish.

I'm an idea accelerator.

I'm a management scholar, change advocate, and strategist with a PhD in leadership and organizations.  I focus on opportunities at the intersection of organizational change and digital technology.  I consult to startups and smb's and coach entrepreneurs and change agents. I study positive organizations and generosity at work.